Iron Works Festival, Sisak industrial zone and Caprag estate, 2014
audio recording A few words about Nikola Đurić is currently only available in Croatian:


A few words about Nikola Đurić is work produced for the Iron Works Festival in Sisak. The Ironworks Sisak, a former industrial and cultural symbol of the city of Sisak, has today become the symbol of all abandoned workers’ spaces. A few words about Nikola Đurić is a short audio story about life of mechanical technician who worked more than 40 years in the Ironworks Sisak and participated in almost all aspects of life connected to it. The audio text is accompanied by photos from Nikola Đurić’s life. Nikola Đurić himself was present on the opening of the Festival so that visitors could meet him and talk to him. The audio recording takes to some extent the form of texts which were written about some prominent workers in Vjesnik Željezara, the newspaper which was published by Ironworks Sisak.

Riječ dvije o Nikoli Đuriću je kratka audio priča o životu strojarskog tehničara koji je više od 40 godina radio u Željezari Sisak i sudjelovao u gotovo svim aspektima života u njoj. Audio tekst je praćen fotografijama iz života Nikole Đurića. Nikola Đurić je i sam bio prisutan na otvorenju pa su ga posjetitelji festival mogli upoznati i s njim razgovarati.  Rad donekle preuzima formu tekstova kakvi su se o istaknutim radnicima objavljivali u Vjesniku Željezare, listu koji je izdavala Željezara Sisak.

photo: Božena Končić Badurina

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