Kunstaspekte, Düsseldorf, 2015, curated by Emmanuel Mir


A site-specific project Franz-Jürgensstrasse 12  was developed during my artist in residence programme in Düsseldorf in 2015. In a series of drawings (pencil on paper),  ink-jet prints and one textual video I was exploring spatial, architectonic, historical and phenomenological  characteristics of my studio in Franz-Jürgensstrasse 12 located in a studio complex built in 1937 in Golzheimer Siedlung – city area of Düsseldorf  which was built for the purpose of the big Reich’s exhibition Schaffendes Volk.

               Studio, pencil on paper, 40 X 30 cm, 2015


             Nordpark, ink-jet print on paper, 30 X 21 cm, 2015


             video stil, Haus 10, 1’31”, 2015


             Haus 10, pencil on paper, 40 X 30 cm, 2015